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LIFE IS STRESSFUL. It's unavoidable & a fact of life. How do you manage & reduce your stress level?

Stress can develop into lots of different physical & emotional manifestations. Anxiety, depression, back pain, aches throughout your body, feeling tired most of the day and job related burn-out. These are just some of the many symptoms of accumulated stress. At Healing Moments I will work with you to address your individual needs and concerns. Massage & Reiki therapy can give you the peace of mind & body that you are looking for. 

With consistent sessions you will notice a reduction in your overall level of pain, stiffness & discomfort. You will feel lighter, more energized, more at peace. Educated & skilled hands will work out the accumulated knots & your worries. Depending on your individual goals & current needs, you may decide to receive muscular therapy on a weekly or monthly basis. 


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